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Our Mission

Important Registration Details

COVID19 UPDATE: We are entering the summer playoffs and gearing up for Adult Indoor soccer in the Fall and Winter months. See our field map for game locations HERE. Games will be played as normal, 11 vs 11. We have opened registration back up for both team and player registrations. Thank you for helping us stay safe during COVID, we are excited to see you all back on the pitch!

Movedon Soccer League no longer accepts partial team fees. To be scheduled for next season your team must: 1) Pay the entire team fee by the Registration Deadline (you then have unlimited players on your team).2) Have enough individual players pay the player fee to cover the entire team fee by the Registration Deadline (one week prior to the beginning of the season).We will still accept Free Agent Players who register by the Registration Deadline. These players will be placed on a league administered team and a Captain will be chosen from the new team.Teams and players registering after the Registration Deadline, will be added to the season schedule as available.Teams which fail to complete their entire team payment by the registration deadline will NOT be scheduled for the season. Players who have paid for the season and selected a team which has not completed it's team payment by the registration deadline, will be reassigned to a league administered team.Teams who pay via individual player registrations must pay the latest team fee rate, only full team payments qualify for the early registration discount.Players in the 35+ league must be at least 35 years of age by the first game of the season.

Schedule and Standings

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Referees are Provided by Herd of Zebras

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